Green Plumbers is holding a no-fee workshop in Sacramento, CA

Niagara Conservation is sponsoring the first 25 plumbers to enroll in the July 30th Green Plumbers workshop, Caring For Our Water. Niagara Conservation will be leading a special presentation on their exclusive retrofit program, Niagara Green City, that requires you to be trained in green plumbing. For more information about this workshop and to register online, please click here.


Topics Covered in Caring For Our Water

Doug Kirk will be instructing about the water cycle process and the new
technologies and behaviors that contribute to increased
conservation.  Topics covered include:

  • Global water
  • How we got here
  • Water efficient products
  • New technology
  • Reducing household water use
  • Niagara Green City retrofit program

Click here to register for this no-cost Green Plumbers workshop!