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What is it?

Plumbing for the sustainable future.

Green Plumbers provides the most educated contractors for the modern consumer, and training for plumbers to acquire technologies and techniques that limit water and energy waste. Our goal is to equip plumbers to not only fix leaks, but fix the customer’s water bill.

A Commitment

For a better and greener future.

We are committed to create a better and greener future through education of water/energy conservation and application of the latest green plumbing technology that solves environmental issues, one leak at a time.

This is what we are aiming for as Green Plumbers, this is what we believe. Join us today in the movement for creating sustainable communities.

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Commitment to a Greener Future


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Latest News

Jamie Rogers Retrofit Shows Savings

Jamie Rogers retrofit work in Pleasant Hill, CA proved to save residents 66% on their energy bill and cut their water bill in half.The potential utility savings for the community as a whole is $500/year by retrofitting 1000 toilets, 600 showerheads, and 1800 aerators;... read more

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