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Final Notice for Green Plumber Membership Renewals

Well it that time of year again. If it slipped your mind or the Holidays got in the way since your renewal notice in October was emailed, we have mail out final notices for your membership renewals. See below to see what it reads and if you want to take care of it now... read more


We are excited to announce that Jamie Rogers (Marin Green Plumbers) has won GREEN PLUMBER OF THE YEAR 2015. Jamie and staff have gone above and beyond utilizing the Green Plumber brand in multiple projects with local water municipalities.... read more

Find Your Green Plumber

You may have noticed a few changes with how we are making sure our Green Plumber Members are receiving leads as they come into Green Plumbers Corporate. One such change is our new siteĀ www.findyourgreenplumber.comĀ . We started to see a large demand for our Green... read more

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Green Plumber Spotlight – Terrano Plumbing & Remodeling

Over the next few months we will be highlighting Green Plumbers that do extraordinary work in their communities in which they live and serve. Today we highlight Ross Terrano and Terrano Plumbing & Remodeling, South Florida’s 1st Green Plumber. One project... read more

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