Well it that time of year again. If it slipped your mind or the Holidays got in the way since your renewal notice in October was emailed, we have mail out final notices for your membership renewals. See below to see what it reads and if you want to take care of it now before you receive our letter that is fine too. Thank you for your support and being the part that makes Green Plumbers great.

Dear Licensed Green Plumber
It may have simply been an oversight however this is a written notice for your $400 Green Plumber Renewal. Thank you very much for your continued involvement in Green Plumbers. It is that time of year again when membership is due. The great news is that our membership is growing, which means that you get the added benefits that go along with that. This year, in addition to our regular, outstanding licensing perks, Green Plumbers has increased our benefits to include the following:
• Eligibility for Green Cities Programs
• Increased opportunities for continuing education
• Product webinars
• Expanded social media presence
• Assistance with a Green Plumbers Business Plan
• Eligibility to participate in the Five Star Referral Program
• All of this, and so much more!

Please renew your membership of $400 by 3/1/2016

Online at or

Green Plumbers USA
3234 NW Fairway Heights
Bend, OR 97703

If you have membership renewal questions, please call: 1 (800) 880-2380 or e-mail