Over the next few months we will be highlighting Green Plumbers that do extraordinary work in their communities in which they live and serve. Today we highlight Ross Terrano and Terrano Plumbing & Remodeling, South Florida’s 1st Green Plumber. One project among the many Green Plumbing projects Ross has been a part of that sticks out is the Tin House Project . Terrano believes, “It’s time to become water efficient! This involves reassessing our relationship with water, and learning to use it more sparingly. On the most basic level, it requires a behavioral change, and assigning a value to water that truly reflects its worth. As a Licensed Green Plumber, we assist homeowners and businesses monitor their water and energy consumption, thereby providing accountability and encouragement for maintained efficiencies. Just ask us how you too can Go Green, Save Some Green.”

Ross Terrano is a multiple Southern Region Green Plumber of the Year Award winner and we look forward to seeing what his company does in the future as a Green Plumber!