SACRAMENTO, CA – Green Plumbers USA and Niagara Conservation
Corporation have announced a new partnership that will further each
organization’s commitment to environmental responsibility. “Niagara’s reputation
in the industry to enhance sustainability at a fundamental level is what
initially attracted us to pursuing a partnership,” said
Joshua Dowden, Green Plumbers USA
Executive Vice President of Operations. “And upon a thorough review of
Niagara’s sustainability business practices and community-based initiatives, a
natural partnership was realized with Green Plumbers.” Carl Wehmeyer, Executive Vice President of Niagara
pronounced, “We are very
excited to move forward with this partnership with Green Plumbers.”

Niagara is a premier resource
for water and energy conservation products that are engineered to maximize
efficiency while maintaining optimal performance. With 35 years of experience,
Niagara has not only become a globally respected source of conservation
products but also has proven expertise in planning, developing and managing
water and energy efficiency programs. The company provides direct installation
services for any program, managing all aspects of the direct installation
project on behalf of the client.

Green Plumbers
will work together with Niagara to customize water and energy efficiency
projects for conservation managers at some of the nation’s leading utilities
and government agencies. Green Plumbers will provide recommended Green Plumber Contractors as well as consultation
on proper and effective brand integration.

Green Plumbers
will also make Niagara’s trusted water conservation, energy conservation and
weatherization products available in their online store:

Each organization is confident that this
partnership will be mutually beneficial and look forward to collaboratively
providing only the best efficiency products and services to customers in the